John McKenney - Cameron Park, CA

The Job:

  • Over 6000 square feet of coverage needed
    1/2 Fescue / Blue
    1/2 Clover & Wildflowers

  • Terrain ranged from relatively flat to a steep hillside.

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  1. The Greenscape crew of 3 arrived March 25th, 2003 at 9:30am. Truck & Tank

  2. Mixed the clover and wild flowers | Motion Video

  3. Liquid Blanketing added for hillside stability

  4. Sprayed Hillside and other areas to get this mix: 

  5. Rinsed and cleaned entire tank to keep from clover being mixed in with the grass to be sprayed next.

  6. Mixed Fescue/Blue | Motion Video

  7. Sprayed Front and Back Yards | Motion Video --> Front     Back

  8. Cleaned overspray areas such as flagstones

  9. Rinsed the tank again

  10. Job completed and crew gone by 12:45


Path to Green:

  • Day 02 - Heavy storm came through.
    There was no slippage on the hillside with Liquid Blanketing applied.

  • Unusually inclimate weather for March and April.  183% of normal rain with snow and hail on 2 occasions.  Motion Video

  • Rain followed by warm weather one day then freezing weather the next

  • Owner did not help matters by not sloping back yard properly. Several undulations which caused standing water. Had major slime infestation.  Sprayed with 2 treatments of FORE (Contact fungus killer that does not harm the grass).

  • May 15, 2003 (Day 51)    Front Yard   |   Back Yard   |   Hillside   |   Garden Path
    Even with all the bad weather this yard looks great.

  • June 4, 2003 (Day 71)       Front Yard   |   Back Yard   |   Hillside   |   Garden Path

  • June 5, 2003 (Day 72) Job well done


Photo Gallery

Back Yard


Front Yard


Hill Side




Common Area


Fungus Damage and Recovery



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