In 1999, we brought together a host of materials to create Liquid Blanketing for complete Soil Erosion Control.  Incredibly, this is done with a cost saving single step installation, while still creating and providing a matrix of multiple soil stabilization ingredients.  In the slurry, we have incorporated Poly Erosion Control Fibers with Poly Crimped Locking Fibers for a more diversified multidirectional holding capability.  Also used are poly-acrylamide, co-polymers and hydro-colloid polymer tackifiers in specific ratio to provide an instant set and long term hold.  These are combined in the base of wood cellulose fiber to hold the moisture and wood fiber to again create a stronger hold with greater tensile strength. 

            The projects documented in the winter of 1999 and spring of 2000 have shown tremendous success, most of which were installed either during a rain storm or only a day to a few hours before.

            Sanborn Park; Oakland, California, was on a flat surface in previously saturated soil.  In February 2000, storms lasted for at least a week, leaving the park ravaged with tree limbs and debris.  With only standard hydroseed application, the mulch and seed would have washed in rows across the area, resulting in thin and sporadic germination.  Grass areas treated with Liquid Blanketing grew in evenly and in record time.

            At Shelter Creek Condominiums; San Bruno, California we installed during the rains which poured for weeks to come.  Product shifted only in isolated small channel areas where the trenches had sunk.  In standard erosion methods, when an area breaks free it starts to fan out, creating an alluvial effect.  With Liquid  Blanketing, the minimal areas that did break free left a knife-edge effect. The Liquid Blanketing materials remained intact, binding the soil to the edge of the eroded or sunken soil. In conclusion, Liquid Blanketing saved the owner time, headaches, and money.

Check out this job that used Liquid Blanketing with Hydrosod during some serious weather.

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